---2+f(x) =xWhat is the range of the function graphed above?A.(-0,0)B. [0,2-)C. (-,0]CD. (0,0)

Accepted Solution

Answer:The range of the function is [0 , ∞) ⇒ answer BStep-by-step explanation:* lets revise the meaning of the domain and the range- The domain is the values of x- The domain is all the values of x which make the function is defined- If there are some values of x make the function undefined, we  exclude these values from the domain- The range is the values of f(x) which corresponding to the value of x* Now lets look to the figure∵ f(x) = √x- We can not use the negative values for x because there is no  square root for negative numbers∴ All real negative numbers make the function undefined- We must exclude them from the domain∴ The domain is all real numbers greater than or equal zero∴ x ≥ 0- To find the range use the first value of the domain∵ the first value of x = 0∴ f(0) = √0 = 0∵ x can not be negative ∵ f(x) = √x∴ f(x) can not be negative∴ the range is all real numbers greater than or equal zero∴ f(x) ≥ 0ORf(x) = [0 , ∞)* The range of the function is [0 , ∞)