Rashawn recently spent $100 to open a store selling tee-shirts. At his business, he purchases plain tee-shirts for $11 each, prints graphics on them, and then sells them for $26 each. What is the minimum number of tee-shirts that Rashawn would need to sell in order to make a profit of at least $400?

Accepted Solution

To answer this question you can write an equation that represents this situation.

I would subtract $11 (the cost per shirt) from the selling price to get $15 profit for each shirt. He paid $100 already and wants to profit $400, so the amount he needs to make is $500.

$15x = $500 would be the equation needed to answer this. x stands for the number of shirts.

Divide both sides by $15 to get
x = 33.33.... shirts.

He would need to sell at least 34 to make at least $400 profit.